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Maybe your company has fourteen locations in five different states.

Maybe your business is constantly moving people and departments but you just can’t set aside a designated location for storage. Moving assets every time there’s a departmental change is costing you unnecessary labor hours.

Maybe you’re questioning whether your warehouse and associated costs are really worthwhile.

Maybe you’re trying to plan for a new office space but have no idea what assets you already have or want to keep.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, Grier Interiors can help!

Our Asset Management specialists will help you calculate the value of your excess inventory, understand potential for reuse, or help with any of the following services:

  • Inventory Control
  • Detailed List of Stored Product
  • Managed Storage
  • Square Foot Charge
  • Clean, Dry, Heated Storage Facilities
  • Brokering / Disposal of Furniture (And Other Stored Products)
  • Furniture Repair Padding / Wrapping As Required
  • Pulling of Product, Staging, Delivery, Installation
  • Experienced, In-House Personnel

We want to make every asset manager’s life just a little easier. And every business without an asset manager should know where to go. At Grier Interiors, our business is the workplace.

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